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Song 1: 'The Way' by Phil Ogden (as part of Sep free mastering offer)

It's been a crazy couple of weeks between client work, a much needed overhaul of the site's audio pages, and some domestic stuff. So I apologize if this post is a bit late in coming...

Without further ado, today I am glad to showcase the first song of the 4 in total, which qualified for a free mastering treatment as part of my FREE mastering Sep '09 offer.

Phil Ogden (pictured below) approached me with 'The Way', a sweet and catchy pop/reggae song featuring female lead and backing vocals. He had already mastered the track himself, but thought there was room for improvement.
Phil Ogden
All communication was via email and files were sent online. After hearing the song once or twice, I decided that the main focus areas would be:

- Adding more body to the lead vocal
- Raising the bass guitar in level
- Reduce muddiness in low end
- Adding more warmth overall (reduce slight tinniness)
- Adding more punch and overall level
- Adding top end sparkle

Treatment: Mastering (no mixing)

I was very glad to hear that Phil was excited about the results and also the speediness of the entire process:

"Great job !! You've given the track real depth and clarity. Love the subtle 'punchiness' which is perfect for the song. I'd be very happy to recommend you to others and will do so in the future." Phil Ogden

You can listen to the pre- and post master version of 'The Way' in the embedded audio player below.

Mixing/Mastering by 6ftshortymusic

(Note to RSS readers and email subscribers: if you can't see the embedded audio player, then please visit this news post on the website)

A big thanks to Phil for letting me use his song to showcase on the site.

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