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Song 2: 'Redemption (feat. Rory Colman)' by Shentloc (as part of Sep free mastering offer)

This song is part of the soundtrack of S&H Entertainment Localization's upcoming iPhone game "The Roadie". You can hear more music from these guys on their MySpace page.

As with song no1 'The Way' (which I posted last week) the song had already been mastered by the guys themselves, but they felt the mix lacked life and energy. Read More...

Song 1: 'The Way' by Phil Ogden (as part of Sep free mastering offer)

Today I am glad to showcase the first song which qualified for a free mastering treatment as part of the FREE mastering Sep '09 offer.

Phil Ogden (pictured below) approached me with 'The Way', a sweet and catchy pop/reggae song featuring female lead and backing vocals. He had already mastered the track himself, but thought there was room for improvement. Read More...

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